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Šunų SPA Vilniuje

šunų kirpykla






Šunų SPA suteikia dvigubą naudą: visų pirma, sprendžiamos šėrimosi bei švaros problemos, tad į namus grįžta gerokai tvarkingesnis augintinis, o antra – Jūsų augintinis pratinamas prie visų grožio procedūrų, stengiantis kiek įmanoma labiau išvengti stresą keliančių situacijų.

Mūsų SPA tikslas yra pratinti Jūsų augintinį prie to, kad visos higienos procedūros yra ne gąsdinančios, o atvirkščiai – suteikiančios daug teigiamų emocijų. Tam pasitelkiamos vizualinės, jutiminės ir garsinės priemonės bei viskas parenkama atsižvelgiant į konkretų augintinį ir jo poreikius.

Barkvilio šunų SPA procedūros tinka ir ilgaplaukiams, ir trumpaplaukiams šunims. Taip pat priimame bet kokio dydžio bei veislės keturkojus. Jei Jūsų augintinis itin jautrus, prie visų procedūrų jis turėtų būti pratinamas po truputį, neskubant, neperžengiant šuns mokymosi ribų ir sukeliant tinkamas asociacijas.

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Kiekvienos procedūros metu stebime augintinius, vertiname jų atsipalaidavimo lygį ir ateinančio apsilankymo metu tęsiame pratinimo prie SPA procedūrų ritualą, kol kirpykla šuniui pradeda kelti vien tik teigiamas emocijas.


Labai patiko šuniui procedūra, buvo labai patenkintas kai grįžom jį pasiimti. Kolektyvas labai puikus, draugiškas, puiki atmosfera.


  • What to do to make the dog feel happy at the hotel?
    1. To make the dog feel happy in the new environment, that environment needs to be familiar. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that You try the day care center before Your first stay. This makes the dog have a positive association and it is easier for him to stay overnight. 2. We recommend that You follow the same regime at home that the hotel follows, at least three to four days before Your stay. 3. We recommend that You don’t feed Your dog before bringing him to the hotel. In that way, we can use the full daily food rate during the training and the dog is more motivated to contact the staff. 4. If your dog finds it difficult to adapt in a new environment, then we ask the owners to spend extra time and be with their pet near the hotel or in the hotel until the pet calms down. 5. Avoid long farewells and most importantly, do not get nervous because our pets feel our emotions.
  • When can I bring a pet? What are the times of check in and check out?
    Because we accept only a small amount of pets, we recommend that you book the stay as early as possible - at least a few weeks before your trip. Our dog hotel offers comfortable arrival and departure times. You can bring your pet from 9 a.m. in the morning, and pick up until 6 p.m.
  • What is the cost and conditions of the hotel?
    Both small and large dogs are accepted by the hotel: we have separate spaces for small and large breeds. The cost of care of small breeds (up to 10 kg) is 33 euros per day (in summer and holidays - 44 euros). Care of large breed dogs (over 10 kg) costs 35 Eur per day at the hotel (summer and holidays - 50 Eur). All pets live in personal cozy rooms, which ensures maximum safety. If you want a few of Your dogs to stay in one room, the hotel will apply special discounts. In addition, discounts apply to a period of more than 10 days as well.
  • What additional services do you provide?
    The dog hotel in Vilnius offers several different services for your convenience: SPA services are very popular and we suggest you order it at the same time as the hotel. Your pet will be bathed, dried, "deshedded" before going home. Those who want to use their pets' time effectively choose training lessons. Your dog may not only have a vacation but also learn something new. It is never too late to learn good manners. The day care center is chosen by those who want to responsibly introduce their dog to the new environment. If your dog hasn't visited us in a long time or it will be his first time, then we suggest that you first visit the daycare center to get used to Barkvili's daily routine and feel more comfortable.
  • What do you need to bring on arrival?
    When arriving at the hotel, you should take care of your regular pet food and you can also bring treats (especially treats that your dog can chew for a while). A passport of mandatory valid vaccinations and a microchip is also necessary. In addition, when arriving at the hotel, it is recommended to have an additional kennel cough vaccination, which will provide protection against this disease. Often, a dog or cat feels better if they are left with a thing that smells of home and his owners, so you can also take your pets bed, blanket or his favorite toy.
  • Do I need to bring my pets food?
    For many pets, staying at a hotel is a new challenge, so it is recommended that the animal experiences as few changes as possible during this period, especially with nutrition. Our hotel tries to make the feeding experience exactly how it is at home: we feed the same food and try to adapt to the schedule you create at home. That is why when you arrive at the hotel, you should bring the full amount of food that your dog should eat while at the hotel. In addition, we use treats for many activities, so it is necessary to inform the hotel staff about potential pet allergies. Of course, this does not mean that an allergic pet does not participate in activities: in that case we use his own food. The dog hotel has every opportunity to adapt to different nutritional methods. So it doesn't matter if your pet eats dry food, RAW or BARF - everyone is welcome at the hotel.
  • Do you accept female dogs that are in heat?
    We are sorry, but we do not have the opportunity to accept female dogs that are in heat. Although our rooms are safe, the behavior of other dogs changes if there is a female dog in heat in the same environment.
  • Do you accept aggressive dogs?
    If your pet is aggressive towards other dogs, we will ensure that no contact occurs and we will avoid any situations that can provoke aggression. However, if your pet has been aggressive towards a person, be sure to inform the hotel staff about it - the hotel reserves the opportunity to not accept aggressive pets if they are in danger. However, if your dog attacks out of fear we suggest you first come to a consultation with your pet, get to know the staff and then talk about the options.
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