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Although it sounds strange, the dog groomer can be a great time for Your pet! In the SPA, we follow the principle of "stress free". This means that we are taking all possible measures to make each visit as pleasant as possible and that Your pet has only positive associations related to all the procedures performed.


Dogs always learn from experience, so Barkvilis in Vilnius is a place where there are many pleasant experiences among the scary things: treats, special calming techniques, games and special calming scents. While taking care of the emotional state of the animals, we created procedures "stress free", which received great success, regardless of the dog's breed or previous experience.

Stress Free!

Additional hygiene is performed during each SPA: ears and eyes are cleaned, nails are cut, overall coat condition assessment. If the pet experiences a lot of stress during a certain procedure and it cannot be done by the end of the SPA, then the owners are informed about it and additional time is given for the next SPA visit.




The dog groomer must not be intimidating, so we pay a lot of individual attention to each pet. Our priority is not only an ideal dog's coat, but also a great dog's emotional state.

Dog haircuts are done very carefully: groomers take into account both the needs of the owners, the breed standards and the characteristics of a particular dog. The groomer uses only professional haircut equipment that provides the best result. The equipment is selected according to the individual structure and condition of the pet's coat. The dog groomer has the opportunity to accept both small and very large breed dogs.

Thorough grooming

It is also very important that when You come to the dog groomer, You - the owners feel as calm as possible - You leave Your pets in reliable hands. Your stress can increase Your dog's reactions to the new stimuli.

Feel calm


Small shorthair (up to 10 kg)

1 h 30 min

from 40 EUR

Small longhair (up to 10 kg)

2 h

from 40 EUR

Medium shorthair (10 - 20 kg)

2 h

from 50 EUR

Medium longhair (up to 20 kg)

2 h 30 min

from 50 EUR

Big shorthair (over 20 kg)

2 h 30 min

from 50 EUR

Big longhair (over 20 kg)

3 h

from 60 EUR


  My dog really liked the procedure and I was very pleased when we returned to pick him up. The team is very amazing, friendly, and has an overall great atmosphere.


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