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Declarations and obligations of the pet owner:

  • The pet owner is solely responsible for their pet's behavior and actions and the consequences during the temporary care provided by the care center.


  • Before leaving the pet for temporary care, the pet owner undertakes to provide the care center with correct and complete information about the animal, including information about the animal's diseases, current state of health, cases of aggression and other information that is important for the care of the animal. If any kind of damage is caused due to the provision of incorrect or incomplete information about the animal, the owner of the pet shall compensate it in full.


  • The owner of the pet undertakes to provide information about the animal's vaccinations and their validity, and to provide documents confirming the animal has a microchip registration..


  • The owner of the pet undertakes to collect the animal by the agreed deadline.


  • The owner of the pet undertakes to pay all costs related to the temporary care of the animal.


  • The owner of the pet confirms that he is familiar with the conditions of keeping the animal in the care center and understands the natural risks and dangers that may arise during the temporary care of the animal.


  • The owner of the pet confirms that he does not object to the fact that the care center, during the temporary care of the animal, can take photos of the animal and post them on "Barkvilis" social accounts and on the website.



Rights and obligations of the pet care center:

  • Pet care center "Barkvilis" undertakes to properly care for the animal entrusted to it and to take care of it in accordance with the requirements of the legal acts governing the care, keeping, use, transportation and treatment of animals in force in the Republic of Lithuania; keep clean, properly disinfect the premises.


  • Due to the animal's illness or other ailment during temporary care and the necessary actions related to it, the care center undertakes to immediately inform the owner of the pet, who decides on the necessary actions in the aforementioned case.


  • The pet care center undertakes to provide information to the pet owner about the care of his pet.


  • The pet care center undertakes to film and photograph pets so that owners can see how their pet is feeling.


  • The Pet Care Center confirms that it is unable to accept:


- pets that are aggressive towards humans;


- pets suffering from contagious diseases;


- pets that have parasites;


- female dogs that are in heat;


- non-sterilized male cats.




Payment and other terms


The pet owner pays for the services provided by the care center according to the applicable service rates.


  • All valid service rates are indicated on the website of the care center.


  • The price of the hotel includes a reservation fee of 25 EUR, which the owner of the pet pays at the time of booking. In case of cancellation, the reservation fee is not refunded.

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