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Barkvilis is a place where not only dogs and cats spend their holidays but also other pets. We accept all small animals, exotic pets, and birds at the hotel.

The pet hotel is associated with many professionals in its fields: the hotel staff has all the necessary knowledge needed to supervise different pets, and cooperate with animal behavior specialists and veterinarians. Therefore, we can offer the most reliable and high quality care for any type of pets.

Care for all pets

Each animal arrives with its cage to ensure the lowest possible level of stress. The place where Your pet stays, we choose according to the particular animal, taking into account its physical and psychological health: some need peace and silence, others like to monitor the action at the hotel, others choose to communicate closer to the hotel guests or staff.



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We use pheromones and aromatherapy to make Your pets stay even more enjoyable. Relaxing music, which sounds throughout the hotel, also helps to calm the pet.

Small animals feel exactly the same amount of stress due to a change of environment as cats or dogs, so it’s required to give enough space and time to get used to the changes. In addition, they also need both physical and mental discharge, so we allow hotel guests to explore the environment during the day. We use smart toys and treats to increase motivation.

Stress Free

The animal hotel is proud to have had a variety of small rodents, rabbits, turtles, parrots ... Because the animal hotel accepts only a small number of animals, each of them, regardless of species, is given individual attention and time.

We care for everyone

The pet hotel gives everything to keep Your pet happy and healthy during the stay. We are determined to not only comply with Your requirements for a pet left at our care, but also to apply our knowledge, to choose the right activities and method of communication.

A happy and healthy pet


 19 EUR/day on weekdays*

 25 Eur /day on weekends and holidays*


Meals with the food brought by the owners


Daily cleaning of cage or room


Reception time 9 am - 6 pm


On the last day of practice, I realized that Barkvilis training really works. I took care of the cats at the Barkvilis hotel as if I were a professional cat sitter. 

I was looking forward to the theoretical and practical sessions, I felt great, the desire to delve into the world of cats, into the activities of a professional animal caretaker, only got stronger. questionnaire templates and extremely useful practice met my expectations.


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