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House of happy tails

Pet hotel, dog training, pet grooming


to cope with the challenges posed by pets by educating and providing animal care services based on “stress-free” philosophy


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The cozy hotel environment is for pets of all ages and sizes. We take care of not only dogs and cats, but also turtles, sea pigs and more. We try to take into account not only the physical needs of pets but also their mental activity to achieve the best possible result - Your calm and relaxed pet. We are able to take care of special needs pets.

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Our spa treatments include diverse care and nurturing of the pet’s coat. Consistently attending SPA treatments helps pet’s enjoy a beautiful and healthy coat, short nails, clean ears and for their owners - a cleaner home with less hair.

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We will take care of Your dog’s activities while You are at work. Dog’s that attend daycare learn to properly communicate with people, other pet’s and will have fun playing with each other. They will also get used to not feeling any discomfort or longing when left alone without their owners. Our daycare routine trains dogs to have a proper distribution of rest and activity.

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Dog training begins the second Your puppy crosses the threshold of Your home. So the best time to start training is now! With our help, You will acquire training skills that You can apply daily to communicate with your pet in the best possible way.


I highly recommend it. Our Pupa is a girl with character. The staff took  great care of Pupa and before the visit, the staff reassured us not to stress ourselves. We brought home a happy pet. Thank you, we will come back! ⚘


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