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Dog training in Vilnius

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Dog trainer

Aura Jankūnaitė - LKD trainer and veterinary paramedic. She has been helping animal owners to understand their pets' needs and reasons for their behavior for many years.


which You will be able to apply in daily interactions with Your pet

Dog training often poses one or two challenges for the owners. Sometimes it is difficult to find a way to motivate dogs, sometimes - to get the desired obedience or simply You are not satisfied with the way the dog behaves at home and in public places. You can't expect a dog to learn commands on its own if You don't teach it.


Dog training starts from the second the puppy crosses the threshold of your home. So the best time to start learning is now! Remember one thing - dogs always do what works. Therefore, if you do not show them what behavior is appropriate, the dogs will choose how to behave. And You, as the owner, will not necessarily like it.


Dog training, individual lesson

50 Eur

Dog training, subscription for 5 lessons

200 Eur

Dogs learn well based on the associations they know, so we can use this to create "pictures" in the dog's memory that suit us. Learning from experience is one of the most important things in a dog's development process.

LKD coach Aura Jankūnaitė

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Dog training consists of very clear rules, motivation, rewards and mutual efforts. Every command or norm of behavior takes time to develop, regardless of the age of the dog You are raising. Often, professional help is needed to ensure a smooth process. However, this does not mean that You will not have to work on Your own - on the contrary, You will receive clear instructions on how to do the exercises at home and what result You will have to achieve.


Dog training doesn't have to be a chore - it has to be a routine. Only then can you expect the results to be what You are aiming for. In addition, until you develop a bond with Your pet, he will not be inclined to listen to You or will only listen when it is convenient for him.


We are very happy to have found you! Our puppies attend daycare with training. Consistent work with a trainer gives tangible results. We can see the progress of our puppies and we are very happy about it.



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