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If you are well aware of the fact that you can find dog hair in the strangest places at home - the hair removal procedure is exactly what your pet needs! Not only will this help you get rid of large amounts of hair immediately, but it will also help control shedding in the future.

Hair removal is suitable for all dogs without exception, regardless of their age or breed. We can accept small, medium and very large pets in the salon. Each procedure is carried out on the principle of Sress Free - we use various additional techniques to help prevent stress and calm the pets.

Stress Free

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Our goal is to ensure that every pet enjoys the salon as much as the playground!

We pay a lot of attention to make the pets feel safe, and the procedures are performed with the highest possible quality. We use a lot of treats to make the dog feel no stress, so before the procedure  we recommend not to feed the pet, but to bring the food to the hairdresser.




for preparation

During each procedure, we record the dog's stress level and give recommendations to the owner on how to prepare for the next time and what to pay attention to at home: which procedures cause the greatest fear, which exercises can be performed at home. If necessary, we can also offer training lessons if any hygiene procedure is too stressful for the pet.


Small shorthairs (up to 10 kg)

1 h 30 min.

from 40 EUR

Small longhairs (up to 10 kg)

2 h

from 40 EUR

Medium shorthairs (10 - 20 kg)

2 h

from 50 EUR

Medium longhair (up to 20 kg)

2 h 30 min.

from 50 EUR

Large Shorthairs (over 20 kg)

2 h 30 min.

from 50 EUR

Large longhairs (over 20 kg)

3 h

from 60 EUR


The dog really liked the procedure, he was very satisfied when we returned to pick him up. The collective is very great, friendly, great atmosphere.


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